Build a Resume

Your resume is your initial introduction.

Create an effective resume or CV with these great tips.


Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is your first opportunity to make an impression and should be customised for each and every job that you apply for – this ensures that you are highlighting your skills and experiences relevant for the specific job you want.


Winning Format


  • Length should be two to five pages maximum
    Personal details – Your preferred name, mobile, email and if appropriate your home address
  • A summary box at the front of you resume is a great way to snapshot your work history. Position held, company name and dates of employment
  • Detail all relevant education, qualifications and memberships
  • List key skills / strengths / aptitudes
  • Employment history
    • Start with your most current role. Bold the company name, position held and dates (months and years)
    • Duties and responsibilities should be sharp and factual – best written in point form
    • Use specific details such as team size, turnover value and project size. Do not leave any gaps unexplained
    • Do not include roles held over 10 years ago, unless the duties are relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Achievements – provide a brief outline of one or two major achievements in each role
  • Hobbies and interests are nice to haves, not essentials.
  • Referees – if you choose to list referee details on your resume, please ensure that you have spoken to them beforehand so that they know they may be contacted to provide a reference regarding your work experience
  • Review your resume a number of times for spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. Ask a friend or confidant to proof read the document for you. A great exercise is to read your resume out loud to check that what you have written makes sense
  • Ensure the format is straight forward and easy to read. Do not include any unusual graphics or photos that may make it difficult to be received by the recipient or accessed via common software products
  • Zelda Recruitment requests that you submit your resume in Word format