At the Client’s Hiring Table

Working together delivers results

We understand. You are busy:


  • recruitment is not what you do all day every day;
  • you see the recruitment process as a distraction from your operational goals;
  • you want a result;
  • you want the best result;
  • you want to secure the best talent as quickly as possible;
  • you want to transition a new, or temporary employee, as quickly and efficiently as possible;

We understand. We are trusted partners.



Shortlisted candidates


The value for you, in using Zelda for your recruitment need, is we own the problem and we deliver a short list to you only when we are fully satisfied we have the best talent in the market for your role.


Our shortlisted candidates will be fully cognisant of the position, your company and your vision and their experience, skills, competencies’, qualifications and cultural fit have been thoroughly validated and assessed.


Feedback and Negotiations


This is where the outcome can be compromised so we have to work together. This is when we need to take joint ownership of the recruitment process. As the client, you need to effectively engage and communicate with the shortlisted candidates to represent your opportunity and your company in the best light possible. You need to be honest. You need to excite the shortlisted candidates. You need to conduct all the interviews within a predetermined timeframe so candidates don’t lose interest.


We need to nurture the candidates through the process. We are committed to honest, open and timely communication. By keeping the candidates fully informed and nourished in the process, the risk at losing target candidates is reduced.


We communicate the outcomes to the candidates, whether it be offer or otherwise. On your behalf, we negotiate terms and conditions. We are skilled at this. This is where our expertise and influence can impact the outcome. Our commitment is to bring the best to the hiring table. Jointly we need to secure the top talent for you.


Engagement and onboarding – the transition


It has all been worth it! The process, the time investment, the ‘headache’ has been fixed. You have made the offer and the on- board activation commences. This is a critical time. The new employee needs to engage quickly with their new employer. They need to be productive as quickly as possible. They need to be part of the team and the vision. They need to commit.


We are very aware the transition is not always smooth sailing. This is where our consultant’s well thought out and educated approach can support your internal endeavours for engagement. We are there every step of the way until the new incumbent has settled well into the role. We communicate regularly and are at the forefront of any concerns. We are here to reduce the risk.


We are trusted partners.