Hire Talent Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, how can we help you?

At Zelda we are committed to nurturing you through the recruitment journey from initial contact to final delivery of the best candidate for the job. You may have a number of questions along the way. We promote communication and candour throughout the process and encourage you to ask questions. Sometimes you may wish to pen an email as this may be the best method for a simple fact based question. However, we do encourage, and prefer verbal communication as this fosters understanding.


We have endeavoured below to give you a little understanding on some basic terms and conditions but please call us for a conversation.

What are Zelda’s fees?

The short answer to this question is, our fees vary.


For the majority of permanent roles, we charge a percentage of the successful candidate’s, expected first year remuneration package. The percentage may be determined by a number of factors: exclusivity; difficulty or ease of sourcing; recruitment strategy; current relationship status with Zelda eg preferred supplier agreements, volume of requirements; supply and demand market conditions.


For temporary or contract roles, we charge an all-inclusive hourly rate basis. This rate varies greatly and is calculated on a case by case basis. There are many determining factors including: supply and demand market conditions; the rate we pay the on-hire employee; volume of requirements; current relationship status with Zelda eg PSA’s and varying applicable government fees and charges.

How are temp rates calculated?

Temp rates have a number of determining factors. Firstly, we are governed to pay a temp a minimum under the applicable prescribed award. However, the market rules of supply and demand also impact what a temp accepts as a worthy rate. In the event of short supply often a temp is paid over the award as the market applies a premium.


The temp rate is calculated from the rate the temp is paid plus the statutory government taxes and charges (see FAQ below) plus the margin Zelda applies to the rate. The margin varies according to a number of factors (see FAQ above).

What are the obligatory government statutory charges applied to temp rates?

In the majority of instances Zelda Recruitment must pay state payroll tax, WorkCover premiums, and superannuation.

How quickly can we turn a role around?

Zelda is a generalist agency with specialist areas of expertise. We are exceptionally connected and engaged with individuals in our talent communities. As such, we have built a track record on our ability to deliver within tight timeframes.


Time to fill does vary. When we take a job brief we communicate our expectations as to how long a role will take to fill. Communication is critical throughout the recruitment process.


Zelda Recruitment is committed to placing the best possible candidate for the job in every instance. Our proven methodology coupled with consultants’ expertise and experience ensures we are presenting short-listed candidates competent for the job tasks and responsibilities with fully validated and verified skills and experience. As a result, we guarantee a placed candidate will be competent to perform the role for which they are hired.


Whilst we guarantee the quality of our work, we are unable to control or guarantee placement outcomes arising from unforeseeable circumstances (for example, serious illness, pregnancy, changes in family circumstances and so forth) which result in the placed candidate terminating the employment. However, we do recognize the inconvenience of such circumstances and value our ongoing client relationships and offer partial guarantees in some instances.


Transparency, we believe is important in developing enduring business relationships and for your understanding we are happy to publish our guarantee in black and white.


Replacement Guarantee for Permanent Placements


Departure due to lack of competency:


Zelda Recruitment guarantees permanently placed candidates will be competent to execute the job description responsibilities and tasks for which they are hired. In the event a candidate is deemed incompetent (definition: lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task) and terminates or is terminated within three (3) months of their commencement date we offer a replacement guarantee.


Departure due to unforeseen circumstances:


In the event where unforeseen circumstances (which are unrelated to the quality of our work or the competence of the candidate) cause a candidate to terminate or be terminated the following guarantees apply:


  • within one (1) month of their commencement date we offer to replace the position
  • within a two – three (2-3) month period from commencement date we offer to credit 50% of the original fee towards a replacement


Replacement Guarantee for Fixed Term Contracts


Zelda Recruitment guarantees candidates placed on a fixed term contract will be competent to execute the job description responsibilities and tasks for which they are hired.


Departure due to lack of competency:


For fixed term contracts, in the event the candidate is deemed incompetent to undertake the job tasks and responsibilities as per the job description, and terminates or is terminated within three (3) months of their commencement date we offer a replacement guarantee. This guarantee is based on a full fee placement.


Departure due to unforeseen circumstances:


For all fixed term contracts, our guarantee does not extend to cover unforeseen circumstances beyond our control resulting in the employee terminating or being terminated.


Replacement Guarantee for Temporary Placements


In the event the temporary provided by Zelda Recruitment proves unsatisfactory to you, please contact your consultant within 4 hours of his/her commencement with your company to validate your replacement guarantee. Zelda Recruitment undertakes to immediately remove the temporary and provide you with a replacement temporary as soon as possible, subject to availability. We will not invoice your company for the hours worked by the original temporary, inside the four (4) hour guarantee period. This guarantee is valid for any temporary employee provided by Zelda Recruitment, including the replacement temporary.


Replacement Guarantee for Temporary To Direct Hire


In the event a temporary candidate is appointed directly with the client company, either permanently or temporarily, no guarantee applies as this is considered a ‘try before you buy” and the candidate, by virtue of the client offering an ongoing opportunity, will be deemed competent.


Important Information


All replacement guarantees are null and void in the event of:


  • The candidate is terminated due to any redundancy measures
  • The client is in breach of any employment legislation
  • The invoice was not paid in full within the mutually agreed terms


In the event that a replacement cannot be undertaken by Zelda Recruitment, a credit of a negotiated amount will be held on behalf of the client for a period of six (6) months from the date of termination of the original placement. It is the practice of our company to not provide a refund. The guarantee is valid upon the invoice being paid within the mutually agreed terms. The guarantee is for one (1) replacement only and applies for the specified position only.