Job Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, how can we help you ?

At Zelda we are committed to nurturing every person through the recruitment journey from initial contact to the final outcome, whether it be a successful application –‘congratulations they are keen to offer you’ or a ‘sorry, no prize for second place’. Every candidate’s experience journey is unique and support and communication can really make a difference to how you feel and think. We understand there are some key touch points along the way who can make your experience as simple, effective and as enjoyable as possible. So even if you don’t get that job we want you to experience the best possible journey. You’ve invested in engaging with us and we wish to invest in you. So here are some frequently asked questions and information who may make your career journey a positive one.

How do I register with Zelda?

At Zelda we receive 1000s of applications a week. Some applications are in response to a job advertisement, some are general enquiries and some are candidates already on our database. In a perfect world we would interview everyone but sadly this is not possible. So if we ask you in for an interview or we telephone or skype you, consider yourself registered and on our database. We are now engaged and will work hard at sourcing you the right opportunities.

If you haven’t spoken with a consultant in depth about your career desires and job requirements you aren’t actually registered with us. If this is the case, when you next see a job advertised you will need to send another application and resume in. We apologise that this is not the ideal but please don’t let it deter you. We register many job opportunities in any given week and whilst you may not be shortlisted on your first application you need to continue to send applications in to be part of the job specific candidate pool.

How can I get feedback?

If you have registered with Zelda:


Once you have registered with Zelda it is important we engage with each other as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our consultants are 100% committed to providing you with as much information as possible throughout your job search journey. By having a two way conversation with you, we get to know you better and can real shine the spotlight on your ‘hot spots’. It gives us both a better picture on how we can work together to find you the perfect job. Equally we endeavour to get as much feedback from our client company contacts so we can keep you better informed and give you the best experience possible. We are always just a phone call or email away!


If you have sent in an application:


Unfortunately we can’t give feedback to everyone who submits an application for a job or wishes to register with Zelda. Please be assured every application is acknowledged and this is via a return email to your email address. The content of this email outlines the process and what to expect.


Please be assured every application is reviewed. On receipt of your resume we ask two essential assessment questions a) does this person proceed in the process in creating a candidate pool for this particular job to be further evaluated against the criteria? (it is a simple process of yes, no or maybe at this stage) Or b) does this person fit into our talent communities and a general interview to be registered for future opportunities needs to be arranged?

How can I stand out from the crowd?

When you register with us we have an in depth discussion about your experience, your skills, your desires, your motivations, your drivers ,your career direction and many other chitty chat things along the way. We get to know you and hopefully you get the feeling we are the professionals who can best represent you and help you with your career journey. So any pointers as to presenting your resume or how to shine a spotlight on some of your unique offerings, we will give to you along the way. To be honest the best way to stand out in a crowd is to be the best you, you can be and the rest will happen! Don’t try to be anything other than authentic you!

What additional information is required?

At Zelda we stake our reputation on our integrity and the trust people put in us. We have a rigorous pre employment checking and vetting process so we can be 100% confident in our service and delivery.
To complete the registration process you must provide Australian Work Rights Documentation for verification purposes. We will take a copy of one of the following and it will remain with your records:


  • Australian or New Zealand passport;
  • Australian or New Zealand birth certificate AND photo ID;
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship certificate AND photo ID;
  • International passport AND proof of Australian permanent residency; or
  • International passport AND visa verification.


In regards to skills testing we will direct you to our online testing for your completion. If you have undertaken skills testing we accept other agencies verified results from approved tests. This is to simplify the process for you and to save you time and effort.


We ask that you provide two referees from your most recent employers and ideally contacts who you reported directly to. We will contact these referees as we move further through the application process.


Qualifications checks are mandatory and any supporting documents you can provide are copied and placed on your file. We contact relevant institutions for verification in the event you may not be able to provide the visual records.


In addition, please be aware many of clients may request a Police Background Check and you may be required to undertake a Psychometric Test in some instances.


In the event you become an on-hire employee with Zelda, we will then ask you for more personal information, such as tax file number, bank account details, who to contact in an emergency and other important information. An employee induction handbook is provided before you start and will give you all the info you need.