Our Quality Management System

How we add value

So, to find you the best talent, Zelda has the best talent to attract, engage and secure you the top talent.


Our consultants, a collective of highly experienced recruiters have a track record spanning many years. Our consultants have a minimum of 25 years individual expertise, and their track records speak for themselves. They have honed their craft in their chosen fields and have a nose for talent. Of course, they underpin the art of talent sourcing with leading edge technology, a strong brand and quality systems and processes.


Since our inception Zelda has been committed to forging a name and reputation for delivering the highest quality service on a consistent basis. Underpinning our culture, our values, our service and our professionalism is the International Quality Standard ISO9001. Our commitment in supporting your business with top talent acquisition is 100%. We never compromise on delivering a prompt, thorough and professional service.


Our clients and candidates testify to the fact that we foster enduring relationships and integrity is at the centre of all our endeavours. Trust, empathy, respect and dedication are intertwined in our every day.


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Our mission is to be a trusted partner.