Recruiting Top Talent

Zelda is committed to attracting, sourcing and engaging top talent

Talent can be active, passive or just need a little prompting.
On the move

Active talent is when the job seeker is actively seeking opportunities. Usually they have set up ‘job alerts’ and are responding to advertisements. Or they may have registered as active on a number of agency databases. The active job seeker is usually very visible and is engaging with numerous contacts and has a number of ‘irons in the fire’. The active job seeker may be happy to have interim contract work, is possibly available immediately, or is ready to leave a permanent position without too much persuasion.

So how about the Passive Talent?

It’s no surprise top talent is often embedded in an organisation and not actively seeking new opportunities. This is passive talent (according to some recent surveys by LinkedIn passive talent accounts for up to 75% of the working population). Passive top talent is harder to identify, source, attract and engage and this is where Zelda shines!


Zelda has the brand, professionalism, reputation and reach who can identify top passive talent. We can pinpoint the top individuals who are embedded within other organisations and engage with them and promote your job opportunity in the best possible way.


Our years of consulting experience have educated us on how to access the top talent and galvanise them to seriously consider a move. We are a trusted partner and we don’t ‘tap’ top talent unless we are convinced it is the right opportunity for both the individual and the client. Our reputation is at stake and integrity is everything to us. We know how, and when, to source top passive talent and how to engage. We know how to nurture people through the recruitment process, even when they aren’t actively looking to move. We aim for lasting relationships and trust, honesty and respect are key.

Tiptoe Talent

Tip toe talent is the individual who is on the cusp of changing jobs and is starting to reach out to their networks but very quietly. We also call these ‘coffee candidates’ because they are quietly making contact, usually chatting to us over a coffee.


We have spent many years fostering and nurturing our talent communities, and our ability to connect with these potential candidates is an immense source of talent. The fact that we are specialists in our niche areas often gives us exclusive access to tip toe talent. That is, they have quietly tip toed onto the market and we have secured them new opportunities before they are even actively looking.


Zelda has access to top talent in our talent communities because we have built a reputation and brand people know and trust. We make it our business to know the best people.