Why Register With Zelda

Care. Capability. Communication. Client Contacts.

After many years in the recruitment industry the team at Zelda has seen the industry delivering at its best, the industry at its worst and just the average in between. After years of observation, analysis and insight the team at Zelda believe people all want a few simple things.

And we believe they aren’t hard to deliver on!




Whether you are actively engaging with recruiters or quietly monitoring the opportunities that arise, it is important that your expectations and ideals are managed with respect. No-one likes surprises (unless they are good ones) and communication is fundamental. Timely, relevant and valuable communication can make a world of difference to your job search. Working with trusted partners who understand your desires, your drivers and your ideals and who treat you with respect is vital.


If these are the values you seek our team at Zelda would love to partner with you.